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2007年 05月 02日

A rainy day

We are going to Sanremo to see my friends (and to eat)and stay 2 nights.
Now it's raining.....
I wanna go to Poggio by bike but it will rain tomorrow too...
But I must not complain.
I've already done 270km in a week and climbed up l'Alpe d'Huez.
And the total distance in April of my cycling reached 1005km, not bad.

The only problem is...I'm fatter and fatter...
I can't (or won't !?w) stop eating.

After tomorrow we will go to the museum of bicycle and come back to Torino.

I'll let you know about this trip after tomorrow.

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2007年 05月 02日


We went to a small village in the mountain.
I wanted to bring my bicycle, but the weather was bad.
So I didn't bring it and finally I could take a rest.

Obviously I don't forget to eat!(w

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2007年 05月 01日

After training

at once !!!


and you have to...

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2007年 05月 01日

My training course

Torino-Superga-Baldissero-Pino torinese-Superga-Baldissero-Pino torinese-Torino

Distance 66km
Total Uphill 1480m
Average speed 23.5km

Hill clibm to Superga
4.8km 435m


Other pictures

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2007年 04月 30日

Other pictures of Alpe d'Huez

Monica took video and gave me a bottle of water like a teamcar(w

She worked as interpreter too, and did a good job ordering a pizza!(w

I've cut some pictures out of the video

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2007年 04月 30日

L'alpe d'Huez !!!

I have been to Alpe d'Huez !!!!!

It was one of the biggest dream as a hillclimb lover.

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2007年 04月 30日

Dinner at friend's home


We had very good time and delicious dinner

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2007年 04月 30日

Lunch at my favourite restaurant

Arcadia Torino


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2007年 04月 30日

She is back !!??

She was born in Italy in 2002 and now she is home.
I'm talking about my Bianchina.....(w

Hillclimb to Superga

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2007年 04月 29日

a dinner

with friends of Monica's parents

Don't click if you are hungry

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