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2007年 04月 30日

Other pictures of Alpe d'Huez

Monica took video and gave me a bottle of water like a teamcar(w

She worked as interpreter too, and did a good job ordering a pizza!(w

I've cut some pictures out of the video

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2007年 04月 30日

L'alpe d'Huez !!!

I have been to Alpe d'Huez !!!!!

It was one of the biggest dream as a hillclimb lover.

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2007年 04月 30日

Dinner at friend's home


We had very good time and delicious dinner

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2007年 04月 30日

Lunch at my favourite restaurant

Arcadia Torino


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2007年 04月 30日

She is back !!??

She was born in Italy in 2002 and now she is home.
I'm talking about my Bianchina.....(w

Hillclimb to Superga

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2007年 04月 29日

a dinner

with friends of Monica's parents

Don't click if you are hungry

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2007年 04月 29日

a small Giro di Piemonte

Torino-Carmagnola-Poirino-Asti-Chieri-Torino 136km

Time 4h30min

Average speed 31km/h

Total uphill 800m

Cilick here to see the pictures

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2007年 04月 27日

Bianchi factoryshop...

We went to the Factoryshop of Bianchi.
It's near from Bergamo, 175km from Torino.

I would buy something, but the shop was small and there were not many things.
I was so disapointed...

And then we've been to the outlet mall.
At first we(I?) have eaten.

I have not find anything here too.
What a bad day for shopping...

Then we went to the supermarket.

In the afternoon I wanted to go by bicycle, but I was too tired.
So I have tried pedaling on the aerobike that Monica has bought as soon as she arrived. What a sporty(or crazy) couple we are!(w)

But I have stopped to pedal after 12min.....

While I was drinking beer on the balcony, a little boy was training with his bicycle for roadrace in the parking place.

He was so sweet and cool !!

Dinner time!

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2007年 04月 26日

I'm home!!!

I've slept 3h last night,but in the aeroplane I could not sleep well.
Because I was very exsited and happy to go to Italy.
But it's also maybe because I have watched Rocky the Final on video(w

1st meal in the aeroplane

not bad


spaghetti alle vongole, so soft and with butter?

waiting in Paris aeroport
Panino with tuna

was nice.

finally at home

But I shoud not eat after midnight(at 7 in Japan)

Now I have to go to sleep.
Tommorow we go to Binchi shop!!!

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2007年 04月 25日




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